EGOSketch - Easy way to personalise your phone case

July 28, 2017

Hello everyone! I am super excited to flaunt my new personalised phone case. Phone is an important personal item in this age, so why not give it a personal touch. A touch of special memory or a quote of inspiration!!

So when EgoSketch approached me for a collaboration, I was up for it to give my phone a personal touch. The case took only 2 days to arrive in UK with standard delivery (Isn't it super quick for a personalised case?). It looks great in my hand. The print is very smooth and of high quality. It is very protective without being too bulky. The case is quite sturdy; however, it could break if you put excessive stress on it (why would anyone, stress balls are made for that.... right?)

While exploring the options for my personalised design I stumbled upon an old picture which turned out exactly what I wanted my case to look like - a clear blue Marrakesh sky. Please let me know your thoughts on it.

Designing my phone was super easy. It involved following steps:
  • Select your phone model
  • Upload your personalised picture.
  • EGOSketch tools let you edit your design in place using their handy UI.
  • Place your order
I am sure reading my post for personalising a phone case with lots of option, you surely want to order yours. No problem! you can do that here, and I promise you will be happy with there prompt delivery.


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