Roxane campbell Summer Collection

August 26, 2017

If you are like me who can't wait for nail polish's first coat to get dry and then apply second coat, then you are at right place. Recently I got a chance to try Roxane Campbell summer nails lacquer collection. Since she has done the nails of celebrities such as: Adele and Jordan Dunn, I was thrilled to get my hands on her summer collection.

What it is:

Roxane Campbell nail lacquer is a luxury, one coat only, with a long lasting Formulation.

What it says:

Roxanne Campbell is a professional nail expert who has honed and refined her unique approach over the last ten years, during that time she has collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands and designers. During the 2012 Olympic games Roxanne had the honour of painting more than 200 national flags on the nails of top international athletes and in 2013 she was named manicurist of the year. Roxanne is head of nails at fashion week painting the nails of many a supermodel, she is also an international judge at Nailympia, and has painted the talons of many famous people including Adele.
Roxanne Campbell launched her own nail polish collection in August 2016, the collection is dedicated to perfection, Roxanne draws on fashion icons and season trends transforming her vision into a unique range of colours designed to enhance, inspire and uplift. Using the finest quality nail lacquer, Roxanne's customised formula provides a smooth, even application and a high gloss finish. The range is cruelty free and there are 10 nail polish shades plus a base and top coat available, they are all £10.00 each. 

What I think:

I received her summer collection which consists four gorgeous, summer ready nail lacquers. In terms of formula, it's long lasting , and finish is quite gel like. The polish is very easy to apply and dries very quickly. I was amazed to see how glossy the finish are! One good thing about this nail polish which is impressive is its one coat application. 
The brush is of standard size, and gives a good and smooth coverage. I love the luxe packaging of these nail polishes. It is elegant and classy with the brand name on the front. The square lid comes off ( It reminds me Dior polishes) to ease the application.
I usually spend £5 - £7 on nail polishes, but if a nail polish gives a salon like finish, will go ahead and spend an extra £3. 

Roxane Campbell nail lacquer in SnowWhite

Roxane Campbell nail lacquer in Violets Are Blue

On my nails Snow white and Voilets Are Blue 

Roxane Campbell nail lacquer in Sitting Pretty

Roxane Campbell nail lacquer in Off to Jamaica

On my nails Sitting Pretty and Off To Jamaica

I like all four shades but my favourites are Snow White and Off To Jamaica which is a unique shade of coral. You can shop these nail lacquers here.

Which is your favourite Roxane Campbell nail lacquer, do let me know in comments.


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  1. I love the color and the fact that is long lasting! Looks beautiful on you!


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