How to style a Cape/ Poncho

November 26, 2017


Ponchos, capes and wraps are the perfect transitional items for autumn/winter months. They are cosily warm, and create a fashionable city look at low temperatures.

knee length boots

They are perfect combination of sleek style and cozy comfort. Draped around the shoulders, traditionally they are circular in shape and are either open or fastened at the front making them the perfect outerwear for the chic and stylish. They look great teamed with slim fitting jeans and knee length boots.

phone case

Layer up this autumn/winter with fantastic ponchos for chilly winter days; ponchos and capes are cozy and modern, and are fun transition from heat to chic. They look great teamed with slim fitting jeans and knee length boots.

how to style cape

For this look, I styled my old cape with my indigo skinny jeans and brown long boots and bag. How do you style cape/poncho?


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  1. i love capes and ponchos but i always find i get too cold and have to attempt to put a coat over the top and get all bunchy arms!

  2. This looks lovely. I have a cape that I never know how to wear, but this has inspired me. The colours are lovely too :)

  3. Love this look on you - the cape looks fab! x

  4. I adore your wrap. I love getting cosy at this time of year and knot wraps and ponchos are the perfect way.

  5. I love the way you've styled this. I actually have a couple and I don't wear them because I'm worried about being cold. I guess some thermals would sort that out!

  6. I used to have a cape and miss it! Snug and perfect for the brighter winter days.

  7. I would love a cape like this, perfect for the school run!

  8. I think you look amazing in the cape, I had one years ago and have no idea what happened to it x

  9. I love chunky capes, they are so comfy and cosy. You look fab in this one. I usually wear mine with skinny jeans and boots too.

  10. This has reminded me to dig out my poncho from under the bed - I also like to team mine with jeans and boots, perfect for this colder weather :)


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