Top 5 Ankle boots trend

January 26, 2018

Winter boots

Ankle boots are one of the few genuine wardrobe staples. I personally wear them nearly all year round as they can be worn in the winter over jeans or in the cooler months of summer with a nice dress or skirt. 

winter boots trend 2017
winter boots trend 2018

And this season, there are some super out-there boot trends that you've probably been avoiding, but you may as well give in now because these are all you'll find at your local stores. 

winter coats
leopard print boot
pointed boots

I’ve listed the top five trends that can be seen everywhere, incase you are hunting for a new ankle boots. 

Leopard Print Boot  
leopard print chelsea boots

Leopard print is one of my favourite, seasonless trends!! This print never really goes out of style, and can add an instant rock and roll edge to any outfit. Try them over jeans and with a chunky jumper for a polished day combo, or paired with a velvet dress for a cool evening texture clash. 

Sock Ankle Boots 

sock boots

My favourite trend of the season!! If you want to invest in just one trend this season, it has to be sock boots. No matter, they’re knitted, mesh, metallic or plain, anything goes, as long as it’s a sock boot.

White Ankle Boots 
white boots
One of the white hot trends this season …white boots. You might find them weird at first but they can elevate any look if styled correctly. 

Print Ankle Boots 

printed boots

This season is all about bold boots. Think brocade or chinoiserie print boots, or, if you’re feeling bold, choose the neon ankle boots. 

Red Ankle Boots 

red boots

RED, RED, and RED!! It’s everywhere at the moment. And to me, the more the better, as it’s my favourite colour. That means red jumper, red trousers and red ankle boots. If you want to rock this trend, go for a retro mod feel with red vinyl boots.

What's your favourite ankle boots trend? 


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